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Certified Risk Management Specialist - Global Sanctions


A transformative approach to certification that equips candidates with the expertise, skills, and judgment they need to address global sanctions risks. For more information click here.

Certified Risk Management Specialist – Russia Sanctions


Developed in partnership with the U.S. State Department to equip candidates with the knowledge, skills, and judgment they need to implement sanctions against Russia. For more information click here.


Financial Crime Risk Management


By completing a series of interactive exercises, learners gain an understanding of the primary threats and risk factors that financial crimes compliance professionals must recognize and understand as part of their monitoring responsibilities, and learn to utilize a proven analytic framework to assess and manage such risks. The course also addresses the need to understand complex ownership structures as a fundamental control against various financial crime threats. The course concludes with a final exercise that allows learners to apply the analytic framework to a realistic scenario in which they identify red flags, investigate threats, and manage risk as a customer’s needs change over time.

Foundations of Anti-Money Laundering


In this course, a leading anti-money laundering (AML) expert provides a foundational introduction to AML. The course, designed for all employees of financial institutions, begins with a discussion of money laundering and terrorist financing, then continues with a three-part module on combating money laundering. This module discusses the role of AML global standards-setters as well as AML laws and regulations, including the Bank Secrecy Act, that aim to combat illicit finance as part of a cohesive financial crimes compliance framework. The module also focuses on AML controls within a financial institution and introduces the five “pillars” of an effective BSA/AML program. The course concludes by covering U.S. regulatory bodies that oversee compliance and enforce BSA/AML regulations, as well as consequences of non-compliance, including enforcement actions.

Foundations of U.S. Sanctions


In this course, a leading sanctions expert provides a foundational introduction to economic and trade sanctions levied by on targeted foreign countries and regimes, terrorists, and others. The course explains key objectives and types of sanctions programs and focuses on the important role played by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in administering and enforcing U.S. sanctions programs. The course covers the complex definition of U.S. jurisdiction in relation to sanctions, compliance responsibilities and reporting requirements of financial institutions, and the consequences of non-compliance with OFAC sanctions. Importantly, the course also includes three “microsessions” on financial institution responsibilities, the risk-based approach to compliance, and the elements of an effective compliance program.

Payment Flows & Third-Party Payment Processors


The digital economy has transformed the speed, cost, access, and convenience of payments in new financial ecosystems, but has also made financial crime risk management increasingly challenging. Many of the new payment products, systems, and providers in these new ecosystems undermine transparency because they are not subject to payment transparency and “travel rule” requirements. Financial institutions need to understand the features of these new payment products, systems, and providers in order to effectively identify, assess, and manage the financial crimes risks they pose. This course helps learners to do so by utilizing a proven analytic framework tailored to payments.


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